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Hi, my name is Jordy Lakiere, born 1991. I am a Flemish (Belgium) illustration and concept artist.

I'm available for small and large freelance jobs and personal commissions, working from my home studio. I am interested in full-time positions in Europe, in particular England or Belgium.

For offers, commissions, rate requests, just a friendly hello -- or anything else, please contact me at lakierejordy@gmail.com or find me on facebook.

CLIENTS include: Cygames Inc. (株式会社), Fantasy Flight Games, Larian Studios, Cubicle 7, Noah Bradley - art camp (as instructor), KCC entertainment.

PRODUCTS include: Rage of Bahamut, Lord of the Rings Card Game, The One Ring - The Darkening of Mirkwood (RPG book), Divinity: Original Sin, Divinity: Dragon Commander, Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead.

Interests and passion

I enjoy consuming and producing almost any form of art - 2D/3D, digital/traditional, visual/audial/textual...

I have a particular passion for the bronze and dark/medieval ages, low and high fantasy subjects, creature design, and natural landscape art, but most subjects intrigue me - I adore the in-depth researching phase prior to tackling a piece of art.

While I definitely enjoy the social, action or reflex based game, I mostly enjoy games with compelling stories and great writing and visuals. I see video games as a true art form, with an immense potential, and wish to aid projects that truly move the medium forward.

Art is my passion, I've never had or never will have a plan B, and thats really all you need to know about me!

Also check out some of my many sketches!

I sketch a lot. In fact - I paint every single day of my life. These are often not big finished illustrations, or portfolio-worthy concept art, but rather all kinds of short, varied timeframes spent on varied topics.

Click the image to the left to see some of those sketches on my sketches page.

My youtube channel: Art Stuff!

Click this button and head on over to my youtube channel for video tutorials on everything to do with art! Dozens of videos, and thousands of subscribers - it is quickly becoming a passion of mine to make tutorials and teach others.

Possum - a UE4 Game

My passion for all things game development have lead me to start casually working on a Unreal Engine 4 game called Possum. Possum is a online-arena combat game with unique directional combat. If you're interested in seeing more of this, check out a dev video here. And check some random screenshots:

Pennant - a D&D Campaign World

Pennant is a world I've slowly been creating for my RPG campaign. A lot of my personal art ties into it. It has a massive world map functioning similar to google earth, all the way to detailed city maps, a whole wiki describing the history, cities, creatures, vast amount of characters that live in it - and I continuously build and expand it. This will hopefully one day be poured into a a book. For now though, I'm keeping this all behind-the-scenes!

Workflow examples:


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